Octa Group emerged from the belief that real estate should be effortless, profitable, and rewarding. We’re redefining standards and introducing unseen services, turning challenges into opportunities for improvement and client success. Our journey, underpinned by ‘Results Matter’, pivots from mere transactions to enduring relationships. Though we evolve, our core remains – unwavering commitment to superior service and tangible outcomes.

We believe in upholding a set of core values that guide our actions and decisions. These values are the foundation of our business and shape our interactions with clients, partners, and the community.

Business Divisions

Our structured business divisions facilitate seamless market segment integration to assure optimal value delivery to our clientele.



Helping people to acheive their real estate dreams. We’re here, equipped with the knowledge and dedication to ensure a successful journey.



Using state of the art rental management system, team and processes to manage your properties at highest quality standards.

Our People

Our dedicated team is committed to delivering real results, reinforcing our status as a leading figure in the industry.

Phong Vo


Abedin Jakupi


Nicoll Shane


Our Work Process

1. Assessment

Assess your finances, including income, debts, and savings, to gauge your investment potential and property options within your budget.

2. Onboarding

Consult a financial advisor to hone your investment goals, understand market intricacies, and create a custom strategy for your needs.

3. Property Selection

Dive into property research: assess various locations and types, and evaluate their rental yield and value appreciation potential.

4. Finance Approval

Secure financing for your chosen property by working with a mortgage broker to find suitable loan options, and review interest rates, down payments, and repayments.

5. Settlement

Celebrate ownership day: complete the legal exchange, take ownership, and account for settlement costs like stamp duty and legal fees.

6. Rental

Begin earning rental income by seeking tenants or hiring a property manager, ensuring timely rent for steady income.

7. Tax Return

As an investor, report rental income and expenses on your taxes, and consult a tax expert for accurate filing and tax advantages.

8. Review and Repeat

Periodically evaluate your property’s returns and growth to inform decisions on holding, selling, or reinvesting.

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At Octa Group, we firmly believe in the crucial role of rigorous corporate governance and robust compliance systems in shaping our business trajectory. These core elements serve as the bedrock of our operations, fostering sustained growth, organisational resilience, and enduring credibility.

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Thank God I met Mr Phong! He helped me buy my second home, the process was easy and not only that but he was super friendly aswell! Highly recommended to everyone who is looking for a new home and broker.
I'm so happy for octa group for everything they did to provide help for different people and backgrounds to get their home owner special phong and Nicoll
Thanks so much to Mr Phong and the team for helping me with purchasing my first ever home. I walked into this without a clue on what to do, but he helped through the whole process and everything easy and smooth. Would definitely recommend Mr Phong and Octa Group to help you with purchasing your home
I highly recommend Phong as he was knowledgeable, was very in-depth and thorough of the process acquiring our 1st home. It was a good, smooth experience with Octa group. He was able to find a good solution within a small amount of time, that we all pulled through the settlement process. Job well done Phong and team 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
a 5 star review from me, a good way to celebrate all successful deals we have done together 👍🎉😊
I have had a great experience working with Mr Phong Vo when purchasing my 2nd home with him. Great support and very professional. Would recommend.
Very helpful and reliable, great service. He is very friendly and always shooting the trouble straight away.
Hi, I can’t believe I have purchased my first house in Australia from scratch thanks to Mr Phong and his team at Octa Group guidance and support with no hidden process and step by step pathway, clear goals defined from day one. He is very professional in assisting me with patience through all the meandering process until the final approval of my home in Bundoora Victoria. Will recommend to my friends. Very much appreciated Phong and Co.
I was a total newbie when it came to buying a house and let me tell you these guys were a lifesaver. From day one, they were patient, informative, and always on top of things. They explained everything in clear terms, answered my endless questions, and guided me through the entire process step-by-step. Much appreciated and a big thumbs up👍🏻

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