At Octa Group, we firmly believe in the crucial role of rigorous corporate governance and robust compliance systems in shaping our business trajectory. These core elements serve as the bedrock of our operations, fostering sustained growth, organisational resilience, and enduring credibility.

Corporate Governance

Octa Group is steadfast in its commitment to adhere to exemplary corporate governance standards. These principles underpin our operational ethos, facilitating business sustainability and fortifying long-term value for stakeholders. Our governance architecture, predicated on industry best practices, comprises:

Board Composition: Our Board of Directors is a coalition of experienced professionals dedicated to embodying and furthering Octa Group’s vision and values. This team supervises our strategic course, ensuring alignment with the interests of all stakeholders.

Management Accountability: A culture of responsibility permeates our management structure. Our leaders are tasked with defining strategic objectives, prudent resource allocation, and diligent adherence to regulatory standards and ethical norms.

Shareholder Communication: We respect and prioritise our shareholders’ rights, ensuring they receive comprehensive, timely information about our operational performance. Their views are integral to our decision-making processes.

Corporate Responsibility: Octa Group takes seriously its role as a corporate citizen, contributing positively to our communities and prioritising sustainable environmental practices.


At Octa Group, compliance transcends being a mere legal obligation; it is an inherent component of our corporate identity. We pledge to uphold the highest standards of regulatory and ethical compliance, which encompasses:

Regulatory Adherence: As a licensed real estate entity in Australia, we rigorously comply with all pertinent legal frameworks, regulations, and industry standards, including those stipulated by the Real Estate Institute of Australia’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Ethical Conduct: We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness in our dealings. Any form of corruption or unethical behaviour is unequivocally denounced.

Data Privacy and Security: Acknowledging the importance of data security and privacy, we have instituted stringent safeguards to protect our clients’ information.

Risk Management: Our proactive approach to risk management includes regular audits and reviews to identify and address potential issues swiftly.

Continual Training: We invest in regular training and development for our staff, updating them on regulatory changes, ethical practices, and risk mitigation strategies.

Customer Protection: Our customers’ interests are paramount. We have measures in place to ensure transparency and protect our customers from any unfair practices.

At Octa Group, we continually strive to enhance our governance and compliance mechanisms, remaining steadfast in our commitment to integrity and transparency. This unwavering commitment fortifies our operational foundations, nurturing an environment of trust among our clientele, partners, and broader stakeholders.

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