Melbourne’s real estate market is dynamic, with certain suburbs standing out for their rapid appreciation in property values. For those interested in best investment property Melbourne, buying property in Melbourne, or buy investment property Melbourne, understanding which suburbs are going up in value is crucial. This article highlights the suburbs that are currently experiencing growth, offering insights for potential investors and homebuyers.

Suburbs Experiencing Growth

Recent data has pinpointed several Melbourne suburbs where property values are on the rise. The suburb of Harkaway, located in Melbourne’s southeast, has seen a significant increase in median home value, with a growth rate of 10% over the past year. This growth is attributed to Harkaway’s desirable proximity to both the city and countryside, appealing to a wide range of residents.

Mornington Peninsula’s Appeal

The Mornington Peninsula has also become increasingly popular, with suburbs such as Balnarring and Somers entering the top 10 growth suburbs, each with an 8% increase from the previous year. This region’s appeal is boosted by its scenic beauty and lifestyle offerings, making it a prime target for entering the Melbourne property market.

Investment Hotspots

For those seeking best investment property Melbourne, suburbs like Deepdene, Canterbury, Vermont South, and Forest Hill are worth considering. These areas have all seen a 7% to 8% increase in property values, indicating strong desirability and investment potential.

Strategic Investment for Long-Term Growth

Investors looking for Building a property portfolio in Melbourne should consider the long-term potential of these growing areas. With Melbourne’s population projected to continue increasing, investing in these suburbs could yield significant returns over time.


In summary, Melbourne’s real estate market is showing signs of growth, with certain suburbs standing out for their increasing property values. For investors and homebuyers, these suburbs represent promising opportunities for real estate investment Melbourne. As the market continues to recover and evolve, keeping an eye on these areas could be key to making a sound investment decision.